Our group has come together to study and research paranormal activity.  In the process of pursuing this goal, we aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding what might be taking place.  We hope to do this by educating them as to the true nature of the situation providing logical information and understanding to create a relevant resolution .  We will also assist people who cannot live with their situations or put them in contact with our paranormal network  of individuals who can assist them.  We are open minded to all theories and methods as this is still not an exact science.  Everyone in the field of paranormal research learn as they go. We will collect all necessary evidence to analyze  then classify our findings, also to share our findings for review with the paranormal community. Provide ongoing support and advice for our clients so they have a clear concise meaning of what is going on and suggest what we feel should be done for their particular situation. But, the ultimate decision is that of the client.